Friday, August 28, 2009

6 Steps for Making Work-Life Balance.

What looks like balance to one individual may differ for another because individuals have different goals, values and definitions of success. At the center of successful work-life balance is.

Pleasure : having the time for family, fun, rest, exercise and hobbies. Yes I knowfeels like everything is a concern.

Determining the goals you need to attain and the standard of life you wish to live, will help steer you toward working out what balance looks life for you.

I frequently used to smack hand to forehead and mutter thru clinched teeth, Retard . After grasping that I have, once again did not attain even the most straightforward of personal goals ( far less the grand New Years goal ).

Making a positive use of the once negative pet name I had for myself, I developed Fools Guide to Goal Setting. Prepared to heal the ever-present handprint on your forehead?

Before we even get out of the gate,! we must first get outside the list that should be our goals and first commit to making ourselves concern and believing that what we need IS critical. Too frequently we are sure that what we should do for ourselves is what we would like to do for ourselves. * Create "non-negotiable" time blocks in your schedule at least two times per week. Devote at least 30 mins to these time blocks. This is essentially because familiar patterns are tough to break.

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