Thursday, May 28, 2009

Buying Used Vehicles - Top ten Dealership Tricks.

Fundamentally a dealer will charge you $300-$900 for window etching and they'll tell you that you need to pay the cash to get the loan as the banks insists on it.

The only way to get round this trick is to force the dealer to put it in writing if they are saying the etching is free or etch the vehicle yourself.

All of the bank cares about is that you can make your payments on time frequently.

Fundamentally you trade in your old auto and the finance boss tells you that your IR is good and then gives you the automobile.

After a week or 2 passes you get the call from him that you did not qualify for the rates that they gave you on making the deal.

Each new purchase has a clause in the contract that often states the deal is "subject to loan agreement.

This gives the finance executive a loop hole in getting more money out of you.

This con is in generally pulled on folks wit! h blemished credit as it is more believable.

If you are curious why they might sell you the automobile at 6% APR if they knew you had subprime credit ( remember they ran the credit search already ) the answer's straightforward ; to sell the auto.

You can dodge this trick by not financing the auto with the dealer if you know that you have subprime credit.

You are better off going to a credit union and financing the vehicle yourself.

This con is pulled on everybody ; good credit.

This con is straightforward to avoid. Just get your own copy of your credit score from Equifax. Though, the business is yours to do with what you need, these loans are extraordinarily dangerous to any un-established business. Unsecured loans, sometimes less than $100,000, are available to entrepreneurs based on their private credit report. Commercial banks could also request a business have a co-signer or guarantor. This! could mean finding a fiscal partner or checking into the nume! rous sor ts of SOHO loans available thru the state. Affiliations such as the Ladies's Business Possession , Girls Entrepreneurship in the 21st Century, and many other people deal with lending money to girls that would like to start-up a business, still other people really guarantee them business loans. The MBDA or Minority Business Development Agency is a federally bankrolled agency that makes a speciality of fostering minority-owned businesses. Regularly times, angel backers will finance a business loan that can appear a risk to commercial banks, or may appear too tiny to VCs.

If your paper and theirs does not say a similar thing, go someplace else because that dealership is lying to you. Fundamentally the finance boss is enlightening you the bank will not trust you to pay the $20,000 loan for the auto, but they will trust you if you pay even more money.

You can elude this con if you can cause them to put it in writing that you "have" to pay the extended guaranty ! to get the loan.

Let me first let you know that cost isn't just legal but much common practice.

Fundamentally the dealer will tell you must an additional $500 to cover the work costs of the dealership's 5-point inspection.

You are paying for the time it took for the dealership to make certain the vehicle would not explode on you in the 1st week of owning it.

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